Thanks to its non abrasive cleaning effect, TWINKLE silver Care is also suited for cleaning and maintaining musical wind and percussion instruments, such as trumpets, saxophones, tubas, horns, trombones, clarions, bugles, contrabass trombones, fluglehorns, euphoniums, ophicleides, saxhorns, clarinets, cymbals, etc…

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Many workshops and musical instruments shops across the world recommend TWINKLE silver Care to clean silver-plated, copper and brass instruments. This is the case for the Klassodern workshop in Olten, Switzerland. Here is what its manager, Mr. Robert Flück, has to say:

In our line of business, we clean and polish a great lot of silver-plated, copper and brass musical instruments.

The silver-plated instruments need a lot of care because they tarnish and blacken. In this case, work has to be done manually because the silver coat is only 0,02mm thick. Rubbing or polishing it with a machine would damage that silver coat.

Over more than thirty years, we have tested (and we keep doing it) the most diverse products. To this day, TWINKLE silver Care has, and from far, the best results.

Its creamy and waxy consistence, as well as its ease of use, from polishing to rinsing, allow to obtain a smooth and long-lasting shine, thanks to its anti-tarnish film.

Our customers confirm it every day by telling us that their instruments have recovered their youth. Even brass recovers its original shine in a twinkling of an eye, with TWINKLE.

For all these reasons, we consider TWINKLE silver Care as the best existing cleaning and care product for silver-plated, copper and brass musical instruments.

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